Benefits of Travel

Without a doubt, there is some stress involved with travel.  The drive to catch your plane, for instance, is often a time of stress for me.  I can alleviate the stress by leaving with a lot of extra time (just in case of traffic), but it always has me double checking that I packed everything, and have the flight info, etc.

This week, however, I am dreaming of Italy.

It was a wonderful experience.  Simply some of the most beautiful locations I have ever seen, with wonderful food and comfortable accommodations.  My travel specialist,  Cynthia Langhof of Custom Designed, just does a great job.  Once signed up, she takes care of you the moment you arrive at the destination airport.  She pays the taxi fares, admission tickets, etc., which are included in your package.  It does make that a lot easier.

We rode in private busing for much of the travel, or she got us on a train or water taxi.  She arranged private tours of textile museums, and lace museums.  We had experienced and helpful guides.

Dinners were usually 4 course affairs, or the cooking class in Tuscany, which I will always remember as one of my favorite life experiences.  I'll never forget that trip, and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity.  Thank you, Cynthia.

Do consider a group tour!  Click on the "Travel with Sandra" page.


Flowers on the Isle Madre 

Flowers on the Isle Madre